Course: Strategic HRM Nmims Solved Assignments 2017

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Q 1. A reputed car manufacturer in India in its recent past had faced a Labor Unrest. Of the many issues
that the workers demanded included the renegotiation of the 3-year wage settlement, withdrawal of
the new automated sorter and stacker for the warehouse, regularizing the employment of 1500 contract
and casual labor employed in the factory and reinstatement of the 23 workers who were fired recently
on various grounds of misconduct. Given the details in the preceding paragraph, discuss the strategic
issues related with the case and detail the various approach that the management can take to ensure
smooth daily business. (10 Marks)

Q 2. “Retails” a giant Brick and Mortar retail company is currently experiencing a major challenge at the
market place from a giant multinational e-commerce company. The Top Management leadership, as
part of its Business level strategy to increase revenue and footfall has taken a cost optimization
approach. You are the Head of HR, discuss your options and plans for arriving at a Business Level
Strategy and its implementation. (10 Marks)

Q 3. Trail Logistics is a growing SCM company. The Business is such that not just the movement of goods,
but the customer experience is of paramount importance. a. As part of the employee motivation career
development initiative was to be leveraged to infuse motivation. Discuss the approach. (5 Marks)

b. Discuss the strategic issues of Success Planning (5 Marks)


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